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I "bumped" into Cecilie more than 10 years ago, I just arrived in Lux and suddenly I joined the gym where she teaches. During all these years, thanks to her professional and, above all, positive attitude, her deep knowledge in many fields, her energy and her reassuring smile, she become to me definitely something more than just a teacher and I am always happy to share with her some nice moments that go beyond a gym class: to share ideas, suggestions, doubts and stories about each other lives, Cecilie's always happy and enthusiastic.

Finally last year, I was blessed and I had the beautiful experience of the pregnancy first and now with my baby boy of 6 months. As sport addict, I went to the gym until the very end and once more Cecilie helped me to have a very fit pregnancy and now enjoying my baby:
: 27 January 2016
: Sara
Believe it or not but I was the typical anti-sports city girl not willing at all to do some physical efforts. However my whole attitude turned from sceptical lethargy to inner enthousiasm joining Cecilie . Her positive energy is simply infectious and you'll inevitably recognize first results after relatively short period of time. Finally it's not only about changing your physical sensations but also your mental conditions which is doubtlessly the best cocktail you can wish for yourself! Leyli
: 09 December 2015
: Leyli
This is my ‘before and ‘after photo and I mean before and after Cecilie! I am thrilled with my transformation. Meeting Cecilie has been an education and so much more than just weight loss. I am now fitter, more energetic, and healthier. My skin has transformed so much so that I no longer mind looking in the mirror! Cecilie has a true zest for life and her positivity is infectious! She supports you to be the best you can be and I am thankful for that.
: 02 December 2015
: Sarah
Personal Training
I have known Cecilie since she started teaching at the fitness centre Just Move. I have been a follower of her Step and Body Shape class for many years. Not only does she bring her expertise to the class, her infectious enthusiasm and positive energy really help to motivate me to stay committed to my exercise. Last but not least, her great and always up to date music selection help to make the exercise fun.
: 02 November 2015
: Kim Kahn
Fitness Class
I had the priviledge to get private coaching with Cecilie for more than two years. We worked hard on improving core muscles and increase flexibility which was a tough one! But with a highly energetic and motivated coach, you get RESULTS!!
: 01 November 2015
: Pierre-Alain
Personal Training
After more than 10 years with big problems with acne and bad self esteem,
I am so grateful to be introduced to a skin care system that in 4 weeks has completely changed my skin.
I have been seeing dermatologists, tried many different skin care systems, all with no improvement.
Today, I am so happy and thankful for the result.
: 25 October 2015
: Marielle Grøneng
Clear Action Treatment, Make-up Artist and Stylist
I wanted to try TR90 after my second pregnancy and loose the extra weight I gained during that time. Within the first days I notice the change and the first kilos went away very fast. My goal was to loose 9 kilos and I lost 8 1/2kg in total so I could not be happier. Off course the first days where hard, but more to change my mind in my head then suffering from hunger. With Cecilies help and support of what I could eat and should avoid I think it was okay. It was also very motivating to step on the scale each morning and see the difference on the numbers.

Among the protein bars, chocolate was my favorite I often saved them for the evening when I am usually want to have something sweet.

For me it was a bit hard to eat regularly, something I still has to work on. The book which was included there I needed to write down everything I was eating during the day where good, however I think that it would have been good to have a bit more space to write down everything in.

I felt very good during these 90 days and could definitely do it once more in the future.
: 20 October 2015
: Louise
TP Weightloss Programme
I found the program very easy and pleasant to follow. It is very well organised and gives you the possibility of organizing your meals in the best way. I had a lot of success with it and lost 17 kilos in these 3 months while enjoying my chocolate protein bars. I absolutely recommend it!
: 10 October 2015
: Antonia Battaglia
TP Weightloss Programme

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