Lifestyle Optimiser - Cecilie Rigneus

Cecilie is passionate about helping people find easy ways to improve their health, well being and beauty. This blog is crammed with ideas and information to help you achieve a better life and Look and Live Younger for Longer

Can you imagine if you could live, feel and look younger longer? I do believe that is possible without too much effort. We just need to find a good routines when it comes to taking care of our bodies through exercise, enough sleep, stress less and making the right choices when feeding ourselves. With my experiences as a nurse and all the years from teaching fitness classes and a genuine interest in health, nutrition, anti-ageing, mindfulness and fitness I think if I can share my knowlegde with you and inspire you to make better choices you can become a better version of yourself! We just need to know where, how and what. That's why I am here. Looking forward to catching up with you.