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Sometimes too many changes in your daily life seems too overwhelming. If you have ever thought you don’t have time to start a new routine, then these tips are for you. Anybody can do these and they only take a change of thought to accomplish and the best part, they will contribute to a healthier body.

Do you drink the recommended 3.7 l (male) and 2.7 l (female) of water per day? Of course this is very individual and depending on activity level and temperature. Fill up a water bottle and keep it on your desk in the office, keep in the car or on the kitchen counter. Water is needed for every cellular and metabolic function in your body. Drinking enough water will keep your energy level up and your skin will benefit beautifully from a balanced water intake. And very often when we start to feel hungry, its not because we need food but we are dehydrated.

By now you should know about all concerns with soda. They have no nutrition and only sugar or artificial sweeteners. Soda damages your skin, it creates an unstable mood, causes weight gain, diabetes…. Are you still fancying your coke? I hope not! Try to fill up a jar with water, cucumber, fresh mint. It’s so much better and healthier. Enjoy!

We all get sugar cravings, it means you a re human! It’s actually really easy to grab a piece of fruit or vegetable instead of a chocolate bar or candy. It’s all about being prepared to these craving attacks. Stock up your fridge with your favorite fruit and veggies and limit the amount of chocolate, cookies and other junk food in your cupboards. Keep an apple in the car, mandarins in your handbag, bananas in your gymbag, peeled carrots in the fridge….
And don’t forget that whatever you fill your shopping cart with will be eaten. Don’t fool yourself!

How many hours do you spend behind a desk or on your butt. It’s important to remember to get up and move around as often as possible. Take a walk around in your office, a quick walk on your lunch break, take the stairs instead of the elevator, get off the bus 1 stop before… Stand up and move, it fills you with energy and is increasing your circulation.

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Monday, 08 August 2022

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