I think we all have been using the excuse, I don’t have time. Yes, am I right? There are so many things we HAVE to do first. Usually we choose not to make time for things that really makes us feel good and happy. Time is there for everybody and we all have 24 hours a day to use.

What do you as an individual find important to fill these hours with to maximize and to enjoy every day? First of all, to live a fulfilled life, you can’t ignore your health and what promotes good health! You need to find time to exercise and eat nutritious food. The other things that are important to you as a person you need to make a list starting with very important and less important. It can be your carrier, money, wellbeing, friends, family, hobbies, personal development… What do you choose? What is lifting you up and making you happy, what is pulling you down. You are the only one who can make a change and when you are making a priority list, you will find time to do things that are more important to you. If you are making a list, it’s easy to see what you should use less time on. It’s not that difficult. The most difficult part might be the people around you, how do they react to and questioning your changes. But if you want it hard enough, and don’t let their reaction influence you, your are living your life the way you want it.

Your time

Do you find it hard to get started after a break? First of all, you have to ignore the voices in your head that is trying to convince you not to do your exercise. We all have these discussions with ourselves. It’s so easy to find a 100 excuses why you shouldn’t do it. Then it’s important to find your motivation! Have a pep talk with yourself. Talk positive to yourself. Remind yourself how good you feel after sports and how fantastic it feels to have reached your goals.

What are the benefits of doing sports?
- you get more energy
- your daily life routines feel easier
- you can handle stress better
- you distress
- your reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
- your immune system
- you control your weight
- you strengthen your bones and muscles
- improve self-confidence and happy chemicals as endorphins
- better skin health
- reduces cancer risk
- increases metabolism
- helps digestion
- improves sleep

And I can continue…. Seeing all these health benefits of doing sports hopefully makes the motivation a bit easier.

If there is still a lack of motivation:

have fun and enjoy!