Have you ever felt that you should exercise but find it hard to motivate yourself to keep up the good routine several times a week over a longer period of time? You know all the benefits of doing sports and you know you always feel great after, but still… you cant make it out the door. That’s why I am here!

Whether you are young, old, pregnant, have aches and pains, disabilities, injuries, demotivated, overweight, my job and passion is to help you reach your goals. We all have different reasons for doing sports and our goals are very individual. I will listen to you and find your weakness to make it stronger, motivate you, guide you, push you, all in a very professional and humble way. We are all born with a unique heart, body and mind.

With 23 years of experience teaching fitness classes and doing personal training I have a build up a great expertise working with different people with different needs. With my background as a nurse, I will always keep your health in mind, to improve and optimise it.

Are you ready to get re-charged, energized, fit and find motivation to take care of yourself?



  • Want to exercise but not sure how to get started?
  • Looking for someone to help you achieve your fitness goals?
  • Benefit from someone who helps you with your fitness and overall health

What do our customers say?

I had the priviledge to get private coaching with Cecilie for more than two years. We worked hard on improving core muscles and increase flexibility which was a tough one! But with a highly energetic and motivated coach, you get RESULTS!!



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