Whether it’s your strength, cardio capacity, weight or your health that is important to you, you would benefit from doing some weight lifting. Why? Here you have 10 good reasons why!

1. What is weight training doing for my look?
Weigh training is good, specially for the look of the body. Weight lifting makes you burn fat, your muscles get stronger and the body firmer.
The difference it makes you won’t see on the scale as muscles weighs more than fat. Use a measuring band instead or look at you clothes…. Do they feel loser and more confortable? When your body gets stronger, both your posture and radiance will change.

2. Would you like to get rid off some extra fat?
If you would like to get rid off some extra fat, muscles are your best friend. They increase your metabolism 24/7. Both when you rest and exercise you will burn more. So decreasing the fat depot, muscle/weight training is the most efficient method!

3. Do I get BIG muscles from weigh training?
NO! Physically women are different than men (as you haven’t noticed… ) We don’t produce as much testosterone as the men do and that’s the reason why men get bigger muscles. Sure, we do build some muscle mass, but not how we imagine. Muscles makes you tighter and firmer, not bigger!

4. What’s the benefit of doing more repetitions?
When you are doing weight training with more repetitions you will be working on the muscles’ endurance and this will boost the fat burning. Classes like body pump, circuit training and body shape in the fitness centers are examples of muscle training with endurance.

5. ….. and with heavier weights?
Less repetitions with heavier weights makes the muscles stronger and faster. This kind of training might be more beneficial if you add weigh training as supplement to another sports activity. Working with heavier weights makes your metabolism after the training higher compared to the endurance training. Heavy weight training means doing 5 -6 repetitions for a maximum of 3-5 sets! If you mission is to do heavy weight training and you can do 15 reps, you should add some weight.

6. How of ten should I do weight training?
To make progress in look and strength, you should to weight training 2-3 times per week. As a beginner, you will off course notice an improvement just by doing it once per week. But after a while, the body will need more weight training for you to see a difference. Have in mind that you shouldn’t work out the same muscles two days in a row as your muscle tissues and muscle fibers need 48 hours to recover and get stronger. You can do other training, but not the same! If you would like to train more frequently, my tip is to do lower body one day, upper body the following day and then lower body again…. Then you avoid stressing the same muscles two day in a row and before they are ready being challenged again. And don’t forget, listen to your body!

7. Why do I get sore?
It’s not necessary to get sore to have a good result on your effort, but it will most likely happen whether you want it or not! Especially in the beginning! When you do weight training you put a higher impact on the muscles compared to doing cardio training. Weight training creates a rupture in your muscle fibers and is breaking down your muscle tissue., which makes the body tired, stiff and sore. We will get a small inflammation around the muscle and it will feel a bit swollen. And we can also feel a small temperature change in the body. It’s the body’s reaction to the extra impact you put on it, nothing harmful and it will decrease with time. To prepare for the next challenge, your body will use the next 48 hours to build up to be stronger. For every muscle training followed by a good rest (minimum 48 hours) you will get stronger and have more to give during your next workout!

8. Do I improve my running or my yoga?
You will improve most skills by doing weight training. Your increased muscle mass makes the body more efficient, , is great for agility and cardio capacity and gives you more energy.
You increase coordination, and your ligaments, tendons and muscles will all benefit from it and at the same time it will decrease risk for injuries.

9. How quickly will I see results?
If you are starting from zero, without any experience in muscle training, you will feel and see a noticeable change within the first months if you are doing it correctly. Your nerve system will be more sharpened, you get more control over your muscles and body and will get stronger and stronger. When you have been doing weight training regularly for three to four months, you should continue and challenge your body by increasing the weight and do new exercises. Otherwise the body will get used to it and the continuous improvements and results will stop.

10. Is it really healthy?
YES, without doubt! Your bone structure improves and you prevent and protect against osteoporosis and fractures. Your cholesterol and blood pressure get well regulated and the risk of getting diabetes and depression reduces. Your brain functions better and your mind will be more positive and strong. Everybody should do some weight training every week. It is the muscles which are supporting your skeleton and holding you up every day, month after month year after year and taking the impact off your knees and hips.



  • There are real benefits for your health and well-being
  • Weight training will make you look great too
  • Work with a professional trainer like Cecilie to ensure you don't harm yourself.

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